A trip to the library

Time for a quick little update while I’m waiting for my friend Christine at the coffee shop. I haven’t updated much lately. There was the holidays, and now I have a massive deadline for the first draft of my play about the excommunicated nun. It has to be done by January 1. Which is really rough. But I took off today and tomorrow, and my office has Friday off instead of next Monday, so I have the rest of this week to go nuts and crank this draft out.

Today I wasn’t focusing too well from home, so I decided after eating a quick lunch to head over to the local tiny branch of the Boston Public Library to work for awhile. I settled into a nice table in the corner near an outlet, which is vital for me. I hate running off the battery and having the screen start to dim if I sit staring at my words for more than a few seconds.

I was actually feeling productive and getting some work done when this guy, who based on references to being in high school two years ago must have been younger than my youngest brother, started chatting me up. And I’m really, really bad at just telling people to go away. I’m too nice. And, you know, why am I blaming this on my being “too nice”? It’s not my fault… it’s his. When you ask someone if you can sit next to them and they tell you, “I really have to get this thing written” and for good measure add “it’s on page 30 and needs to be on, like, 80 or 90,” you should NOT proceed to sit down at their table. Even if you’re crazy. You shouldn’t sit with someone who’s obviously working. And then keep talking. And talking. When they try to go back to their writing, you should LET THEM.

You also should not hit on them. Especially when they make it clear that they have a boyfriend and that it’s going very well. You shouldn’t ask for their number. You shouldn’t ask if you can kiss them. When they politely say no to both of those things, you should not tell them “maybe tomorrow” or that you’ll wait until their current relationship fails. Girls (and I’m assuming guys) don’t like to hear things like that. That will not make them like you more.

You should be allowed to be a shy, nice person who writes plays at a library and NOT get hit on by creeps. Is that too much to ask?

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  1. Nice post! Wow that guy sure asked a lot of you in one meeting! I have a hard time getting away from people when they come up to me like that too. I feel bad for turning them down but it’s kind of weird for me to just have someone randomly start hitting on you and asking for your number. I guess it works with some people but for me it just makes me feel uncomfortable because I don’t even know them and what they could be like.

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