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Back to the Blog

I just had a master class that involved (among other things) good website practices for playwrights. And WordPress informed me that my last blog was published two years ago.* Clearly, these two things are related.

So where have I been? Working like crazy, for one. That’s the main thing. Helping my mom write her blog for her classroom (aka doing it for her). I started taking Irish language classes a year ago. That’s been challenging and also kind of amazing and also I am a huge language nerd. Oh, and writing things. I do that at times too.

I’m also in Company One’s PlayLab Unit this year. That’s where I had the above-mentioned master class where we talked about website design. It’s been such a great program so far. I want to write more about it. It also inspired me to try to make time to update my website. Not just the blog, but give it an actual redesign. Nothing big yet, because my writing group has our showcase in a month and my script needs to be done, but I need to at least keep the website in mind. I need to not feel guilty logging out of my mom’s blog to update mine.

Things will be pretty soon. Or, you know, eventually.

*EDIT: I did something good! I’m starting to go into my drafts and publish things I started but never actually hit publish on. So there will be more entries in that gap appearing back when they were actually relevant and on my mind.

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The Twitterz, and other possible updates

Today I figured out how to add a Contact page… yay! Now people can email me without my having to publish my email address and get all kinds of spam. Next on my list is to get rid of that “Colleen M. Hughes” in the top right corner, but doing so requires purchasing the Custom CSS upgrade, and I have to do things like paying rent and buying groceries first. Which is no fun.

I’m also wondering if I should maybe break down and join Twitter. I’ve never quite understood it. I don’t understand why people’s names are preceded by an @ thingie (I mean, I know it links to their username, but I don’t get why the @ needs to be visible) or why the “pound sign” is now called a “hatch tag.” And why they’re suddenly all over the place. I sound like such an old lady. I at first balked at the idea of Twitter because I can’t for the life of me be succint because I turn everything into a story. Trying to keep myself to 140 characters is pretty damn hard. But the wonderful Ilana Brownstein pointed out in her Dramaturgy class that I took that Twitter can be a great way to keep up with the local theatre scene by following everyone’s feeds and linking to them when you “tweet” about seeing a show and such. I like that idea. But I’m not sure if I would have anything much to say on my own Twitter that I wouldn’t already share on facebook or here in my blog, so I don’t know. I did read a Twitter feed for one of the first times in my life the other day… I followed the BTM’s feed during the Marathon, and it was really funny. So having a positive experience with Twitter makes me feel better about potentially using it.

And I learned today that I *could* migrate my entire livejournal over to this blog should I want to. Now I have to decide whether that is something I want to do. I kind of want to have my blog all in one place…. but a lot of the stuff on livejournal is rambling and nervous and just plain stupid. It’s not like I want to hide who I am… it’s just that most people probably don’t care about random thoughts I had or surveys I took when I was 23. 😛

Lots to consider.

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Content added!

yay! I finally finished adding links to script samples of my plays and filling out the Bio section. So now I think all my information is up here, and I can always tweak the design and add icons and pretty things later. I can haz website?

*little happy celebration dance that I finally got all of my content posted*


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I’ve been mentioning for awhile on my other blog that I want to migrate it somewhere new and more updated, potentially tied into a place to provide info about my writing–s0, here we go. I’m still as of writing this entry only beginning to learn the basics of WordPress, so everything still looks very much like the theme default, with the addition of a background that is a weird, somewhat radioactive shade of green. Eventually there will be fun things like a fancy customized header, a bio, links to other fun places, and of course, info on my plays. And blog entries that are more fun to read than this one.

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