Climb every mountain…

I’ve been mentally singing that song all day. Today was field trip day on the Freedom Art Retreat. We drove out to Wildcat Mountain and did some zipline-ing, took a gondola up to the summit, and did some hiking. We hiked a small section of the Appalachian Trail. I forgot my phone/camera, so there will be pictures eventually but I will have to steal them from others. The zipline was awesome. I have issues with heights, so I thought I’d be terrified, but it was really fun. The slope helped me not feel the height as much. After the hiking, the three playwrights decided to take the gondola back down the mountain (rather than hike back down) and head back early for some swimming. There was some floating-on-the-lake-in-tubes time which was much appreciated.

Yesterday we had site-specific theatre day. My group found this really cool site at an intersection with some big rocks, a water shed with No Trespassing signs all over it, and a weird crutch hanging off a tree by a rope. As we explored the site more, we found broken headlight glass on the roadside and a broken Yield sign and some broken fence posts. We ended up crafting a ghost story about teenagers looking ahead to the life that could have been. It was cool… I’d never done site-specific theatre before.

I will have to write more about everything when I’m home. It’s been such an awesome week so far, and it’s hard to find time to just sit and write about it all.

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