Directive 47

Drama; 110 min; 1M, 3W



Sr. Barbara O’Keefe has been excommunicated for approving an abortion to save the life of a patient at the Catholic hospital where she works. When Bishop Williams offers her a return to full standing in the Church if she repents, everyone has difficult choices to make: should Sr. Barbara sacrifice her beliefs to get back the community she loves? Should Sr. Catherine and Sr. Elizabeth support Sr. Barbara in her time of need or, as Williams desires, seek to remove her from their order? Inspired by a true story, Directive 47 explores faith and doctine, power and compassion, and what happens when those values collide.



Staged reading, Boston Playwrights’ Theatre – January 2017

Staged reading, Fresh Ink Theatre – October 2014

Staged reading, New Repertory Theatre – June 2012


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